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VGL have been working on some exciting projects that have been causing quite a stir. As specialists in large print format since 1976 learn more on what we have been up to with our blogs. 

Surface Preparation Procedures

Surface preparation is a key stage in the installation process of Interior and Architectural graphics. VGL considers all aspects of the chosen environment to ensure an exceptional end product.

print marketing products

Print Marketing that Packs a Punch

In a world saturated by screens, print marketing products that you can feel between your fingers are a breath of fresh air. Find out how VGL can help you add a tangible element to your marketing strategy.

VGL worker creates printed graphics

The VGL Way of Working

At VGL we have a blueprint for what works well. It comes from over 40 years' of being in the print industry and we have project management, ideation, quality assurance, printing, installation teams and office staff we are very proud of who help get an excellent job done.

Retail store graphic of model applied by VGL

Come Back Stronger

Bring your brand back to the high street with a bang! Choose the right window displays, point of sale, instore graphics, fabric frames and more - the right graphics for your business.

Whistl transport livery graphics applied by VGL

Keeping Things Under Wraps

Read about our Whistl case study, and the branding of their new delivery service across Britain, to understand how at VGL keeps projects fully under wraps until the final, big moment of reveal.

Interior marble-look graphic in an open communal space

Durst Habitat

VGL is pleased to offer this innovative and customisable UVC-R air disinfection system designed to reduce viral transmission in indoor environments, such as office, schools and restaurants.

Kavalan logo

Introducing Kavalan

VGL ditches traditional PVC in favour of Kavalan for all banner products. PVC-free and recyclable, Kavalan delivers the same high standard visual and functional specification, without compromising on quality, strength or fire ratings.

St Pancras tube station tunnel with Hendricks scented print graphics

Making the Impossible Possible

Creative commercial printing on another level! We wrapped a full fleet of Ferraris, created gin-scented graphics for a London tube tunnel and launched Beanotown. Sounds a bit incredible? Read on...

Durst logo

New Printers!

With investment in VGL, we bring you two new printers! The Durst Rhotex 325 – big and bold and perfect for fabric solutions; and the Durst 2500 S flatbed printer – versatile, with enhanced print quality.

Vehicle wrap

From Concept to Creation

VGL has the technical knowledge, machinery, product portfolio and mind-set to deliver. We create large scale print for commercial fleets for some of the largest fleets on the road. Read more on how we can drive you to success.

VGL worker using computer to create graphics

Push the Limits of Print

Our manufacturing expertise lies in pushing the limits of printing technology, providing innovative solutions for everyday situations and applications. Learn more on our three specialist sites here.

GUUD branding

Top 2020 Achievements

2020 has been a year of challenges but some fantastic highs for VGL too. We have launched a phenomenal new website, exciting building wraps, retail marketing and promotional material and much, much more.

COVID graphic guide

We're Ready When You Are.

Lockdown 2.0… we’re all pros at this now, we've all made the time for a little extra love and care at home this year, but what about your workspace? It’s time for some T.L.C there too.

Prevent Infections with Antimicrobial Surface Solutions

Prevent Infections with Antimicrobial Surface Solutions

VGL now offer antimicrobial laminates to protect your surfaces from the spread of bacteria. Learn where these can be used in your work place.

Free Covid-secure Safety Guide

Free Covid-secure Safety Guide

Download our infographic to ensure your business is keeping up with regulations and helping your customers and staff to feel confident in returning.

Prepare for the New Normal

Prepare for the New Normal

In the not-so-distant future, retailers and other services will begin to open again, as we all adjust our lives to the ‘new normal’.

COVID-19, an Important Update from VGL

COVID-19, an Important Update from VGL

Our VGL COVID-19 update, we will continue to maintain business as usual. Read more here.

Helping With Social Distancing

Helping With Social Distancing

Floor graphics can help you achieve this by visually demonstrating the government guidance to achieve a safer environment for all.

Kew Gardens’ Millennium Seed Bank Exhibition

Kew Gardens’ Millennium Seed Bank Exhibition

Latest and greatest! Kew Gardens, thriving and surviving exhibition, showcasing five metre tall cardboard engineered trees.

The Kraken Rum Buses Are On The Loose

The Kraken Rum Buses Are On The Loose

A twist on the iconic London red bus, the spectacular Kraken Rum bus!

Hendrick’s Scented Graphics

Hendrick’s Scented Graphics

The sweet smell of success! With over 60 standard scents in our library it’s never been easier to add aroma to your campaigns.

Virgin Media graphics inside a tunnel in London King's Cross Station

Virgin Media London King’s Cross Station Takeover

The largest underground graphics ever completed! Learn more on how VGL wrapped the very long Kings Cross station.

Acuity Select HS 5220

Acuity Select HS 5220

As part of our ongoing initiative to invest in the most innovative machinery available, VGL are proud to welcome the Acuity Select HS 5220 to our print plant.

Durst Rho 512R

The New Durst Rho 512R

This month we’re proud to announce our newest addition to our printing plant - the Durst Rho 512R, located at our Reading factory.

Inca Onset R40i

The next generation in flat bed printing

The new Inca Onset R40i uses 14pl ink droplets, smaller than it’s predecessor to achieve an unrivalled print resolution. Picture perfect flat bed prints are now available printed onto Wood, Foam boards, Card and more.

Beefeater Pink Gin London Underground tunnel

Out of Home Printer of the Year

We're absolutely thrilled to have been awarded Out of Home Printer of the Year at the Print Week Awards.

2014 - The Year of The Bus

2014 - The Year of The Bus

2014 has become known as the year of the bus at VGL. During the course of last year, we produced and installed some stunning creative concepts onto buses.