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Sustainability in

Putting Our (Carbon) Foot Down.

We have an enormous opportunity and responsibility to ensure the printed graphics we create benefit everyone on the planet, as well as the planet itself.

At VGL, we look to use environmentally-friendly materials and to work with dedicated suppliers that have the same values. We have implemented sustainable procedures in our facilities and ensure responsible disposal of printed graphics. We are committed to ongoing improvement through science and technology, and maintaining our leadership in eco-conscious printing solutions.


Carbon Neutral Britain

7 Years of Zero Waste to Landfill.
7 Years of Zero Waste to Landfill.
ISO14001 Accreditation Since 2011.
ISO14001 Accreditation Since 2011.
46% of Energy from Renewable Sources.
46% of Energy from Renewable Sources.
>1/3 of Waste is Re-used or Recycled.
>1/3 of Waste is Re-used or Recycled.
Committed to a Circular Economy.
Committed to a Circular Economy.
70% of Fleet Vehicles Electric or Hybrid.
70% of Fleet Vehicles Electric or Hybrid.

By accurately measuring, offsetting and committing to annually reduce emissions by 7.14% by 2030, Vinyl Graphics Limited is not only Carbon Neutral, but in alignment with both Science Based and UK Government targets for Carbon Emissions Reductions."

James Poynter
Director - Carbon Neutral Britain
Sustainability in print

A Carbon Neutral Business.

A sustainable vision for the future.

Looking to do our part for the environment, VGL has a number of initiatives to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle our waste, and carbon-offsetting is a crucial element in the mix. We are working in partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain to offset all carbon emissions from our company operations.
Trusted by the largest brands in the UK, regulated, verified and third-party audited, Carbon Neutral Britain is key to funding forest projects in Britain and around the world. Carbon Neutral Britain allocates international carbon credits to plant trees that absorb CO₂ and refract the earth’s heat to create a positive impact on wildlife, ecology and biodiversity, and we are proud to be part of this.

Sustainability in print

Tracking Progress, Charting Change.

How we measure our carbon footprint offsetting efforts.

Due to their high global warming potential, greenhouse gases (GHGs) identified in the Kyoto Protocol are the focus of the project. The reporting of this initiative is typically carried out in accordance with the ISO14064:1-2018 and GHG Emissions Protocol Accounting and Reporting Standards - the two most widely recognised and used emission standards in the world, ensuring all measurements, calculations and subsequent offsetting are completed to the most regulated and accurate standards possible.

Sustainability in print

A Series of Commitments.

Our areas of focus.

VGL is dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint by targeting a wide scope of emissions across its business operations:

Scope 1 – Activities owned or controlled by the organisation that release emissions straight into the atmosphere, such as our company-owned and leased vehicles, office equipment or refrigerant gas losses.

Scope 2 - Indirect emissions that are a consequence of the organisation’s activities - but occur at sources that the business does not own or control.

Scope 3 – Emissions that are a consequence of business activity, which occur at sources which are not owned or controlled, which are not classed as scope 2 emissions, such as waste management, business travel, staff commuting, events and more.

Sustainability in print

Our Reduction Target Plan.

How we are making a positive change.

VGL has made a commitment to the Emissions Reduction Pledge 2050, aiming to reduce emissions by 50% by 2030, equivalent to a reduction of 163.70 tCO2e over the next seven years.

To reach these goals, VGL has initiated several projects, such as improving the energy efficiency of its buildings, consolidating factory spaces, and promoting energy-saving behaviours among staff, all contributing to ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Environmental Management System.

Electricity from Renewable Sources certificate.

Electricity from Renewable Sources.

Every Small Step Counts.

Our aim is to make sustainability part of everything we do. Some initiatives are larger than others, but every small step counts. This is something we are into for the long haul.

Another example of where we are looking to create a greener future is that have switched all our electricity supply to come from renewable sources. 46% of energy currently comes from renewable sources, and we will continue to increase that to 100%, so that as of 2026 we can proudly say that VGL only uses 'Green Electricity'.

A Step Forward Everyday.

Take a look at our other CSR initiatives driving change throughout VGL. 

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