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Buses and Coaches.

Bus advertising is a quick and affordable way to communicate your message to a large and valuable audience, with over 30 million people seeing the advertising on the outside of a bus every single week.

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Next Stop, Success.

We will manage the production and installation of the bus wraps to ensure smooth implementation, as well as the best possible finish on even the most demanding of projects, large or small.

Working with Exterion, we develop customers’ designs and artwork to perfectly fit onto the templates for each and every type of bus or coach model available. 

Why VGL?

  • Livery, Design & Prototyping Consultancy
  • Unrivalled fleet production capability
  • Supply Chain & Build Plan Support
  • Durable, warranted solutions
  • Nationwide application
Award Winning.

Award Winning.

Over 40 Years of Industry Experience.

Over 40 Years of Industry Experience.

Extensive Range of Products.

Extensive Range of Products.

Complete In-House Service Delivery.

Complete In-House Service Delivery.

Innovation, Equipment and Technology.

Innovation, Equipment and Technology.

Quality Assured.

Quality Assured.

Sky Now Bus Wrap.

Transform your fleet with new wrap graphics.

See how Sky Now brought their bus to life with images from their most popular TV programmes.

Materials used on Vehicles.

Contra Vision®

This film is a 'one-way' interior and exterior window graphic which allows the visual to be seen from the outside, but from the inside it is possible to still see through. This unique film eliminates the need for opaque window graphics or restrictions when it comes to applying graphics near to windows.

Ideal for transport, Contra Vision® also reduces solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation, as well as safely identifying the location of the glass which can help to reduce incidences of bird strikes.

Non-PVC Film

Our newest 3M™ films have a solvent-free base film, offering an alternative to traditional vinyl films. The 3M Envision 480c can be used as a long-term film perfectly suited to transport wraps thanks to its durable nature.

Based on its composition, the trimmed edges of these films can be recycled as raw materials, and the film can be incinerated or safely sent to landfill - knowing the materials we use are always cutting edge and environmentally friendly is an important part of the VGL ethos.

Case Studies

View our case studies to discover how we create incredible large scale custom bus and coach graphics to the individual needs of our clients. 

Kraken Rum Bus Wrap

Kraken Rum Bus Wrap

For Kraken Rum, we printed and installed fully wrapped Routemaster buses with a design that was sure to turn heads.

Skyfall Launch Bus Wrap installed

Skyfall Launch Bus Wrap

Discover how to make an impact that travels across the city with our vehicle wrapping services.

2012 Olympics Bus Wrap from side

2012 Olympics Bus Wrap

We were commissioned to create custom bus wraps in celebration of the UK being awarded the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

A roll of printing material

Prototyping and Consultancy

We enjoy trialling new materials and challenging our technology with demanding print specifications.

Outdoor Media showcase

Strategic Project Management

Our project management team will be on hand at all times to guide you through every stage of your campaign.

Retail Graphics VGL creative studio

Creative Studio

Our studio team will be there to ensure that the planning, design, and creation of your entire project is of the highest standard possible.

vgl install printed truck livery


We offer a comprehensive range of installation and fitting styles for all projects, no matter the size.

Screen Print

Tessa Road is VGL's historic factory, dedicated to the analogue beauty of screen print. At Tessa Road we do things others can’t.