Buses and Coaches.

Bus advertising is a quick and affordable way to communicate your message to a large and valuable audience, with over 30 million people seeing the advertising on the outside of a bus every single week.

Next Stop, Success.

We will manage the production and installation of the bus wraps to ensure smooth implementation, as well as the best possible finish on even the most demanding of projects, large or small.

Working with Exterion, we develop customers’ designs and artwork to perfectly fit onto the templates for each and every type of bus or coach model available. 

Why VGL?

  • Livery, Design & Prototyping Consultancy
  • Unrivalled fleet production capability
  • Supply Chain & Build Plan Support
  • Durable, warranted solutions
  • Nationwide application

Sky Now Bus Wrap.

Transform your fleet with new wrap graphics.

See how Sky Now brought their bus to life with images from their most popular TV programmes.

We adhere to a strict Quality Management System, which ensures that the products and services provided to our partners and customers are of an exceptional standard.

Our studio team will be there to ensure that the planning, design, and creation of your entire project is of the highest standard possible.

Experience seamless project management with VGL from consultation to final installation.

Transport graphics designed bespoke to your brand identity. Discover how we can design, print and install your graphics onto trams and trains.

VGL transport graphics, bespoke vehicle branding & fleet livery management capture your brand identity, making you stand out from your competition.

Custom transport graphics for all vehicles! Wrap your fleet with bespoke graphics & marketing materials that help drive the success of your business.

What People Say About Us.

View examples of our latest and greatest work, showcasing creative branding for our clients while continually finding new ways to innovate.

"We needed a partner who could not only deliver top quality production levels but also be agile, flexible and efficient. With VGL we didn’t just get that, we also got a brilliant team who were always willing to go the extra mile to make each job the absolute best it could be. I’d highly recommend VGL to anyone!”


“VGL’s vast print expertise along with their highly dedicated staff who work tirelessly, help to ensure our huge high-profile campaigns are delivered effectively and to the standard our customers expect”. 

Creative Solutions Production Manager,
HH Global

“The customer service provided by your team has been absolutely superb; that’s very refreshing in this day and age.”

Ian Dyble,
Surface View Client

“For a number of years my business has relied on VGL to deliver high quality graphic solutions. The reason we go back again and again is due to VGL’s endless flexibility, selfless support and, most importantly, their understanding of our commitment to deadlines. The quality of their product is unquestionable.”

Simon Day,

“I do appreciate we’re probably one of your smallest accounts, but the level of service always makes us feel as though we could be your largest!” 

James Managing Director,
Local Business