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Installation of Graphics.

VGL is there for you every step of the way, from the first consultation to the final application or installation of your graphics. A key (and exciting!) stage in the management of your project is seeing your graphics come to life, and with our skilled installation experts, you are in good hands. Concise, attentive to detail, clean, fast and efficient, our teams give your graphics the attention they deserve.


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Installation Expertise.

VGL has the skillset and technology to produce graphics for an extensive range of surfaces. Whether you are looking to apply your branding to stone, glass, metal, plastic or fabric, indoors or outdoors, we can give you the solution that delivers optimal performance. 
Our portfolio of inks, varnishes and substrates mean you can choose from finishes that have been proven to withstand challenging environmental conditions, such as sunlight, moisture, temperature and wear and tear. We can advise on the right materials specifically designed for your particular needs to ensure durability and longevity. 

Delivering Graphics in Challenging Situations.


At VGL our installation teams are appropriately trained and certified to work at height and in challenging conditions. Whether your graphic is on the side of a large building, in a stairwell behind handrails, in an area of high footfall or on a vehicle that is part of a fleet out on the road, we manage these situations smoothly and confidently on a regular basis.  

Mastering Every Detail.


VGL is an expert in large format graphics for Retail, Architectural, Transport, Outdoors and Events and Exhibitions. With many projects to our name, we have mastered the installation and application of graphics in these varying environments.

Award Winning.
Award Winning.

With numerous awards against our name, we are delighted to have received recognition for our hard work and dedication to print innovation.

Over 40 Years of Industry Experience.
Over 40 Years of Industry Experience.

Founded in 1976, this family-run business has built a reputation as one of the most pioneering forces in printing.

Extensive Range of Products.
Extensive Range of Products.

From the smallest label to the biggest brands, VGL has the technology and know-how to tackle any project.

Complete In-House Service Delivery.
Complete In-House Service Delivery.

Our full range of services are delivered by in-house specialists; everything from initial consultation to installation.

Innovation, Equipment and Technology.
Innovation, Equipment and Technology.

VGL has always been commited to print innovation, investing in the latest technology and machinery.

Quality Assured.
Quality Assured.

We use only the best quality print materials, sourced from audited suppliers, giving you peace of mind with a guaranteed result.

Case Studies.

Majestic Livery Rebrand

Read about how Majestic enlisted VGL to update the livery of their fleet of 250 vehicles as part of their new and contemporary Majestic brand relaunch.

BBC Green Planet Underground Branding

Step into a world of flora when you head down into Green Park tube tunnel, where VGL has covered the walls with vivid graphics to launch the BBC Green Planet TV series.

Floral mural on stairwell wall.

Gracious Spaces Wallpaper Mural

Read about how we transformed this area of the stairwell, landing and walls of this client's house into something impactful and alluring with impressive floral murals.

Northbanks Design/Samsung Launch Event Graphics.

A bespoke, 3-part event stand to showcase the latest product launch from tech giant Samsung at their top London flagship Samsung KX store.

Bread - Freshly Made Fleet Livery installation

Bread - Freshly Made Fleet Livery

Discover how we quickly and efficiently manufactured and installed custom vehicle graphics the Bread delivery fleet.

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