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The Link to Your Success.

Our aim is to provide our customers with premium printed graphics in a timely and cost-effective manner. An effective supply chain is crucial for the success of any business and at VGL we have established a strong network of materials suppliers, delivery teams and in-house approved installers to support our printing facilities and remain leaders in large format print.

Our Trusted Supplier Network.

We believe that approaching the supply chain with collaboration and transparency builds trust, knowledge, fairness, support and an enjoyable working relationship.

As such, we have established valuable relationships with a range of long-standing suppliers. These organisations are a fundamental part of what we do, and in many cases, act as an extension of our business. Suppliers to VGL come in various sizes, supplying everything from substrate materials, to inks, equipment and office materials. We ask that all adhere to our environmental, safety and CSR policies, including Modern Slavery and Equality & Diversity.

Flexible and Agile Operations.

In today's fast-paced and unpredictable business environment, having a flexible supply chain is a strategic advantage.

It allows companies to respond rapidly to market changes, customer expectations and disruptions, which is especially crucial in industries with volatile demand patterns. By embracing flexibility in the VGL supply chain, we can better position ourselves to supply the printed products our customers want, on time and to the specifications required.

Quality Assurance.

Quality management in the VGL supply chains is a strategic initiative that extends beyond the inspection of products to encompass the entire process of ensuring consistency, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Ensuring the quality of products at every stage of the supply chain is critical to help minimise defects and returns, which in turn keeps the process flowing smoothly and efficiently.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices.

At VGL we adopt responsible and morally-sound business behaviours and decision-making throughout the entire supply chain.

This runs from the sourcing materials to the delivery of printed graphics to our customers. Our ethical practices aim to ensure that the supply chain operates in a manner that respects human rights, labour standards, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. 

A Step Forward Everyday.

Take a look at our other CSR initiatives driving change throughout VGL. 

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