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Supporting You Through the Pandemic

22 Dec 2021

With recent changes in Government guidance around Covid measures, your business may require new or additional products to communicate how you are keeping your place of work, and those in it, safe.

At VGL we offer a wide range of materials to support social distancing rules and hygiene best practices. With floor signage, large print and graphic displays you can highlight the message you want to communicate, allowing people to carry out business as close to normal as possible.

VGL, The Supplier You Can Trust 

VGL has been offering, and continues to offer, a range of products that can be used for anything from in-store promotion to safety and directional signage. We have materials specifically suited to external use, ideal for street marking, pavement graphics, concourse area applications and more. They are easy to apply and remove, as we understand that guidance is likely to change again in future. 

Download our Free COVID Secure guide for suggestions around what might work within your environment. 

Free COVID Secure guide

Products available include (but are not limited to);

  • A Frames
  • Window Vinyl 
  • Banners
  • Cardboard Security Covers
  • Circular Floor Graphics
  • Directional Floor Graphics
  • Hanging Information Boards
  • Paper MatsStair Graphics
  • Lift Graphics
  • Sanitiser Stations
  • Polycarbonate Sneeze Screens
  • Card Sneeze Screens
  • Health and Safety Signs
  • Posters
  • Hygiene Information Stickers
  • Queue Information
  • Flyers

We are Open Over the Festive Period

Aside from the bank holidays, VGL is open to support businesses during this pandemic. Our friendly teams are on hand between Christmas and New Year's Eve to respond rapidly to our clients’ needs.

If you require signage for social distancing, hygiene or any other messaging, please do not hesitate to contact us