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Neon on

Brighten your World with Every Thread.

By utilising state-of-the-art printing, the innovative neon on fabric concept brings a new dimension to the world of textiles. The striking and bold luminescence of neon is expertly translated onto fabric, resulting in visually stunning and attention-grabbing textiles that are sure to impress.

Innovative Branding

Uniquely memorable in contrast to conventional printed materials.

Unmatched Luminosity

Especially effective in low light, creating a surreal effect.

Easily Interchangeable

Refresh messaging by swapping out the fabric; simple and quick to do.

Endless Creativity

Imagine in neon and create something magical.

Vibrant Designs

Designs that blend light and textiles for a harmonious sensory interplay.

The neon on fabric printing technique combines advanced innovation with artistic excellence, enabling your brand to stand out and make a significant impact.

Be Bold with your Brand.

Electrify your artistic vision.

Take fabric designs to the next level with an electrifying glow using neon ink and create vibrant and surreal visual effects.

Whether for large-scale installations, immersive exhibitions, or eye-catching marketing activations, neon on fabric technology from VGL offers a harmonious fusion of artistic brilliance and environmental stewardship.

The Science behind the Glow.

Where neon meets fabric in a molecular symphony of brilliance.

Neon on fabric technology represents a remarkable fusion of art and science. VGL has mastered the technique of adding neon inks to fabric, whilst retaining their brilliance. This advanced printing method has been tried and tested and perfected by our in-house team of experts, so that you can choose to print large and impressive canvasses with the colours you desire. 

Neon on Fabric Applications.


The versatility of large format, neon on fabric prints allows for a wide range of innovative applications across various industries and settings. These impressive neon graphics can be used to construct immersive environments, deliver huge visual impact and provide unique experiences to your audiences.

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