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Immersive and Engaging Graphics.

In the world of large-format printing, the innovative use of Tactile Printing by VGL allows our customers to create printed graphics with textured surfaces that revolutionise the way we experience visual communication. This exciting process introduces a whole new dimension to traditional printed materials.

Enhanced Visual Appeal.

Add depth, dimension and allure to printed materials.

High Level of Realism.

Convincingly similar to naturally occurring textures.

Endless Customisation.

Experiment with various textures, patterns and effects.

Sensory Engagement.

Textured inks evoke multi sensory experiences beyond sight.

Standout Marketing.

Uniquely memorable compared to standard printed materials.

Durability and Longevity.

Weather-proof and resilient for a multitude of applications.

Explore the captivating process of layering up specialist ink to create tactile graphics.

Cutting Edge Print Technology.

What is Tactile Printing?

Tactile Printing is an innovative technique using inks and coatings to create raised surfaces, with depth ranging from 1mm to 4mm. Greater depth is achievable in some cases through our creative file set-up and tactile print-specific equipment. The process of Tactile Printing involves applying these specialist inks to layered artwork files to create a 3D effect. The end result is visually captivating and attention-grabbing.

Our high-spec equipment at VGL offers multiple benefits, including enhanced colour accuracy, the use of speciality colours like neon, and reduced environmental impact, all while allowing versatile applications.

Convincingly Realistic.

Be amazed by the incredibly realistic representations achievable with Tactile Printing.

From the finer details, such as the eyelashes on an elephant's eye, to the deep wrinkles and folds in its skin, Tactile Printing allows you to create graphics with a look and feel akin to the real thing. You now just need to figure out where an elephant could play a pivotal role in your marketing campaign.

Incredibly Detailed.

As delicate as a leaf. 

Tactile Printing can create extremely fine detail, with the illusion of transparency, like the veins within a leaf. Combine these with a selection of colours and your graphics can represent aspects from the real world, without concerns around leaves wilting, products deteriorating or being easily damaged.

Enticingly Tactile.

So real that your eyes won't believe it.

These are graphics that pull you in, making you want to touch the printed surface to check whether the image aligns with what you expect to feel. This makes Tactile Printed graphics so powerful when it comes to branding, retail point of sale or event design. There are so many options available with Tactile Printing; it's only your imagination holding you back.

Enhanced Sensory <br>Experience
Enhanced Sensory
Lightweight <br>Material
Environmentally <br>Friendly
Indoor & Outdoor <br>Application
Indoor & Outdoor
Simple  to<br> Install
Simple to
Easy to <br>Clean
Easy to

A Limitless Range of Textures.

By engaging both the visual and tactile senses, inks applied by Tactile Printing allow for customisation and creativity. Replicate the feel of existing surfaces to deliver a memorable and immersive experience with graphics to suit nearly any artistic vision. 

Ready to get started?

Be one of the first to discover the unique and amazing results that Tactile Printing can offer. Create incredible graphics to support your brand in getting seen and your message heard. Speak to our friendly team today and find out how we make the amazing possible.