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An Enduring Commitment to Print.

Since its beginnings in 1976 VGL has understood and appreciated the value of the people working within the business. We have a team dedicated to delivering only the best printed graphics. We have an unmatched skill set inhouse - a group of people ambitious and eager, with attention to detail, understanding of the need for safe working practices, balanced with the flexibility to accommodate external pressures, whilst ensuring our clients' requirements are met consistently at all times.

An Engaged Workforce.

We have many employees at VGL who have dedicated over two decades to the company. Their continued, active contribution ensures knowledge and insights are passed on to the upcoming generation of co-workers. Clients can be left assured that they will have consistency in the management of their projects from year to year.

Individuals' Wellbeing.

In today’s world, with the constant evolving challenges and pressures people encounter, it is more important than ever to consider people’s wellbeing. We aim for a balance between work and life. Being at work should be an engaging, inclusive and collaborative experience, where each individual feels like they are making a positive difference.
Additionally, we provide an Employee Assistance Scheme to ensure employees and their families have appropriate professional support available for when the need arises, covering various topics in complete confidence away from the working environment.

Employee Engagement Programmes.

We believe that people-focused initiatives are essential for creating a positive work environment, enhancing employee well-being, and boosting productivity.

A Step Forward Everyday.

Take a look at our other CSR initiatives driving change throughout VGL. 

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