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Advertising Spaces.

With around 155,000 people commuting through London every hour, outdoor advertising holds one of the most captive audiences. Spanning all ages and demographics, this audience can be highly valuable to advertisers.

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Not Just a Pretty Face.

We create the usual, but we also develop the exceptional.

Be bold, be beautiful, or even be scented! We've won awards for our scented graphics, submerging customers into a full-brand experience. If scented is not your thing, no problem, we have a vast array of other tips and tricks that our specialists can recommend, ensuring you always stand out from the crowd.

Award Winning.

Award Winning.

Over 40 Years of Industry Experience.

Over 40 Years of Industry Experience.

Extensive Range of Products.

Extensive Range of Products.

Complete In-House Service Delivery.

Complete In-House Service Delivery.

Innovation, Equipment and Technology.

Innovation, Equipment and Technology.

Quality Assured.

Quality Assured.

Case Studies.

View our case studies to discover how we create custom eyecatching and even nosecatching bespoke adverts to the individual needs of our clients. 

Welcome to Heathrow

Heathrow Airport Building Wrap

The Welcome site at Heathrow, with more than 100 million passengers and visitors a year, are reported to see the 3.2 metre high graphic.

Beefeater Pink Gin Scented Graphics

Beefeater Gin Scented Graphics

Supporting the launch of Beefeater Pink, a strawberry flavoured gin, VGL produced the first strawberry scented graphics at a tube station.

Hendricks Gin Advertising in tunnel

Hendricks Gin Advertising

To mark the launch of Hendrick's new Rose & Cucumber Gin we produced an award winning scented display that filled commuters noses.

A roll of printing material

Prototyping and Consultancy

We enjoy trialling new materials and challenging our technology with demanding print specifications.

Outdoor Media showcase

Strategic Project Management

Our project management team will be on hand at all times to guide you through every stage of your campaign.

Retail Graphics VGL creative studio

Creative Studio

Our studio team will be there to ensure that the planning, design, and creation of your entire project is of the highest standard possible.

vgl install printed truck livery


We offer a comprehensive range of installation and fitting styles for all projects, no matter the size.

Screen Print

Tessa Road is VGL's historic factory, dedicated to the analogue beauty of screen print. At Tessa Road we do things others can’t.