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Supporting our Neighbours.

The VGL CSR programme includes initiatives that benefit local communities. These range from supporting local charities and schools to investing in infrastructure and public services. Below are some examples of the work we have done lately.

Faith Tea Bar Wrap.

FAITH is a registered charity, run and supported by members of congregations in and around Reading.

Their dedication to helping the local community involves offering hot food and drinks to those in need, in particular the homeless and others coming to ask for their help. As a regular presence in Reading town centre, we were only delighted to help support the small way we could.

Whistl and Catch 77 Wrap.

The charitable organisation Catch 77 is a company that was set up to help families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, proving food and support to communities in Devon. 

In conjunction with Whistl, the UK's leading logistics specialist in e-fulfilment, contact centres, mail and parcels, and Grosvenor Leasing, supplier to Whistl, VGl wrapped a fleet of vehicles to enable Catch 77 to get on the road and continue its fantastic charity work.

Oxford Wood Recycling.

Oxford Wood Recycling is an award-winning social enterprise that VGL is proud to work with. 

This charity maximises the recycling and reclaiming of our wooded pallets, making them available for a second use. Additionally, they relieve unemployment by providing jobs, work placements, training and volunteering opportunities for people whose circumstances have excluded them from more typical work.

Oxford Wood Recycling "care for the environment and transforms lives".

A Step Forward Everyday.

Take a look at our other CSR initiatives driving change throughout VGL. 

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