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VGL Portal Technology for Retail Customers

We aim to deliver the fastest, most reliable and concise printed graphics experience to our customers.

To do this we have implemented a number of features throughout the business and continually look to use the most up-to-date methods and products – be it cutting edge printing technology, recycled materials, adoption of processes to give traditional printing materials a secondary life or through the use of innovative digital systems, such as the VGL Portal.

A Faster, Concise and Accurate Rebrand Experience.

We recently launched the portal technology for our Transport customers and are now looking to roll this out across the business. We have developed an edition specifically suited to the retail sector and retail store graphics, and we are excited to see this being adopted by some of our key clients already.

Streamline How you Manage your Rebrand Campaigns.

With seasonal changes, new product launches and range reviews, there is a lot of change in the retail industry that requires careful management within tight timescales. VGL is accustomed to working within such criteria and we have the capabilities in our printing facilities to be flexible, nimble, and to develop innovative solutions to overcome any hurdles that are experienced during the progress of a campaign.

The purpose of the retail store graphics portal is to give its users a secure online area to integrate project-specific information, all available in one unique, accessible web location. All retail graphics artwork files and associated specification documentation can be filed together, streamlining the approval process. This ensures that the rebrand project is always in your financial and brand control.

Safe and Secure Data Control.

As a result of the robust controls implemented within this portal, data is safe and secure. Access can only be obtained through an approval process that we set up with the client. Registration can also be tailored, with options gated via email or whitelist identification to domain level, or by invitation only. We can also set your users up on different visibility levels, ensuring different information is visible as needed. 

Key Features of the Retail Rebrand Portal.

  • Data is clear and concise and can be updated in real-time
  • Entry to the portal is gated, with alternate views depending on user level
  • Admission is via a customised registration set up and predetermined approval process
  • Enables fast and concise flow of a project
  • Clear accountability 

VGL is a print specialist and leader in large format print. Our retail store graphics can be found as the window displays and instore graphics in businesses, as branded point of sale, seasonal graphics, on fabric frames or as cardboard engineering for brand communications.

Experience the Best in Large Format Print.

The VGL Retail Rebrand Portal is the latest in operating systems and offers our retail clients an experience that’s second to none. Unlock the potential of your marketing and brand campaigns today with VGL. Contact our friendly staff to find out how we can help.