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Glazing and Architectural Films

We offer a broad spectrum of options for applying internal and external graphics to glazing schemes.

There are some great specialist films to choose from, each with different benefits and features, so please call us to discuss your requirements.

Ultra Clear Glazing Film

A highly effective way to apply graphics to glazing, Ultra Clear film is invisible and optically clear once applied. It can also be combined with white digital print and full colour digital print technology.

3M Scotchcal 210 Series Films

Durable and dimensionally stable, these translucent films are available in two options. Dusted Crystal Film gives the appearance of etched glass, while Frosted Crystal Film gives the appearance of sandblasted glass. The films show a uniform colour in both reflected and transmitted light, and have a low gloss finish to eliminate glare. You can combine them with white digital print and full colour digital print technology to create a wide range of imaginative glazing graphics.

Coloured Gels/Translucent Films

Coloured Gels add privacy and colour interest to your glazing scheme. You can combine them with white digital print and full colour digital print technology. The films can also be pre-spaced CAD/CAM cut to specific shapes, letters or logos.

Opaque Films and Laminates

Films and laminates provide our clients with even greater choice and flexibility. We offer a wide range of specialist printable and self-coloured films suitable for almost any surface application, including contoured walls and floors, enabling interior graphics to be extended around your interior space, whatever the existing substrate. If you have any questions, specific requirements or problems, please call us and we’ll recommend the best solution.

In Summary

Decorative glass patterns are becoming increasingly popular and we can see why, based on the advantages. Etched, cut, sandblasted, textured and other decorative glass patterns create customised privacy, whilst still allowing light to pour in. This means that even small spaces can feel fresh and open.


Talk to our expert team. We are ready to get your project started.

3M Textured Wall Films

3M Textured Wall Films

This revolutionary product enables brickwork, concrete, industrial stucco, tile and similar surfaces to be transformed into stunning murals.

3M DI-NOC graphic installation


Developed in Japan where it is hugely popular, 3M DI-NOC is still relatively unknown in the UK.

Non-PVC Films

Non-PVC Films

3M Non-PVC Films are becoming incredibly popular due to the film being substantially less solvent than traditional manufacturing processes with a solvent-free base film.