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Print White

Print spot white digitally

Printing white on clear or optically clear material is becoming increasingly popular within architectural programmes or point of sale promotions.

We can now print spot white on a number of our Durst printers. Glazing applications through to clear floor graphics can all benefit from the speed and flexibility afforded by digital print and the ability to print spot white. Some of the effects utilising this specialist technique can be truly eye catching - simply printing white as a tone or pattern or to back off a promotional shot required on clear material for a window display.

The ability to print white is a highly technical process which VGL specialise in. Whether it's printing white on coloured or clear materials, or layering white to create incredible effects, we have the expertise to create graphics which will impress.

If you would like to see a sample of our print spot white work then please give us a call for more information.


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3M Textured Wall Films

3M Textured Wall Films

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3M DI-NOC graphic installation


Developed in Japan where it is hugely popular, 3M DI-NOC is still relatively unknown in the UK.

Contra Vision®

Contra Vision®

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