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Contra Vision®

Invented by Contra Vision®, these ‘one-way’ interior and exterior window graphics can be viewed from the outside, but seen through from the inside.

This eliminates the claustrophobic effect of opaque window graphics, while maximizing privacy. Contra Vision® also reduces solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation, and safely identifies the location of the glass - on vehicles and buildings this can reduce incidences of bird strikes.

The effect is created by having unprinted areas covering up to 50% of the graphic's area. When viewed from the printed side, the eye is naturally drawn more to the image as it reflects more light than the transparent areas (so long as the light on the printed side is brighter than that on the other side of the glass). On the reverse, the back of the graphic is usually black which means the view coming from the other side is more dominant as the black absorbs the light and is less obvious to the naked eye.

It means that graphics do not have to be restricted when considering the placement close to windows - the graphic can instead continue onto the window and still be visible and clear.

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Glazing and Architectural Films

Glazing and Architectural Films

Make a glass space the feature of any room or outdoor location with one of our many vinyl films. VGL offers a wide range of glazing graphics for all requirements.

Non-PVC Films

Non-PVC Films

Non-PVC Films are becoming incredibly popular due to the film being substantially less solvent than traditional manufacturing processes with a solvent-free base film.