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Contra Vision®

Invented by Contra Vision®, these ‘one-way’ interior and exterior window graphics can be viewed from the outside, but seen through from the inside.

This eliminates the claustrophobic effect of opaque window graphics, while maximizing privacy. Contra Vision® also reduces solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation, and safely identifies the location of the glass.

If you have a specific requirement or problem speak to us at VGL and we will be able to recommend the best solution.


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Glazing and Architectural Films

Glazing and Architectural Films

We offer a broad spectrum of options for applying internal and external graphics to glazing schemes.

3M DI-NOC graphic installation


Developed in Japan where it is hugely popular, 3M DI-NOC is still relatively unknown in the UK.

Non-PVC Films

Non-PVC Films

3M Non-PVC Films are becoming incredibly popular due to the film being substantially less solvent than traditional manufacturing processes with a solvent-free base film.