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Non-PVC Films

3M™ Controltac™

3M Non-PVC Films are becoming incredibly popular due to the film being substantially less solvent than traditional manufacturing processes with a solvent-free base film.

This flexible, printable plastic film provides an alternative to traditional vinyl films. 3M's polyolefin technology is made from a unique engineered hydrocarbon, that is custom built to meet the growing needs of the graphics market. [read-more]

This multi-layer, specially engineered film is made from nonchlorine chemistry, which use and disposal advantages to graphics manufacturers and clients. Based on its composition, the film’s trimmed edges can be recycled as raw material, and the film can be incinerated or safely landfilled. 

Greener solutions

3M's Envision 480c can be used as a long term film which can be used on a wide variety of surfaces - included brick work and to wrap vehicles.
3M's Envision 48c is an intermediate film used for mostly flat surfaces. Such as Signs, walls, window, flat sides of trailers/vehicles. 




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3M Textured Wall Films

3M Textured Wall Films

This revolutionary product enables brickwork, concrete, industrial stucco, tile and similar surfaces to be transformed into stunning murals.

The future is fabric


In recent years the digital printing of promotional media on textiles has become increasingly popular.

Glazing and Architectural Films

Glazing and Architectural Films

We offer a broad spectrum of options for applying internal and external graphics to glazing schemes.