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Developed in Japan where it is hugely popular, 3M DI-NOC is still relatively unknown in the UK. The range includes a variety of architectural finishes that can be printed on directly, or used to complement interior graphics.

The result of 3M’s decades of experience in the production of self-adhesive films, 3M DI-NOC has excellent resistance to water, dirt, impact, abrasion and mould. It is also flame retardant and IMO certified for the marine sector. Treated with an anti-bacterial finish, the PS Single Colour Series are also suitable for hospitals and other clean environments.


Lighter in weight than traditional panelling and much more flexible than traditional finishes, 3M DI-NOC conforms around 2D and 3D curves and adheres to most typical building substrates, allowing clean and fast in-situ application. [read-more]

Fire Rating

Class 0 and IMO certified for the marine sector.


3M DI-NOC is covered by a 12-year indoor warranty, with a 5-year warranty for outdoor use.


3M DI-NOC offers a huge range of patterned and textured finishes encompassing faithful reproductions of wood, metal, marble, leather, stone, stucco and more. Even if you’re not printing onto 3M DI-NOC it remains a brilliant and versatile product – the high quality finishes offer a consistency that is often missing or difficult to achieve with natural products.


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3M Textured Wall Films

3M Textured Wall Films

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