Accessorize Christmas Window Display.

Accessorize, a renowned fashion accessories retailer, sought to create captivating Christmas window displays to engage customers and drive traffic during the festive season. 

To achieve this, they collaborated with VGL to design and implement innovative printed graphics for their storefronts.

The window display prints were meticulously measured, cut and tailored to seamlessly adhere to the glass surfaces, creating a stunning and cohesive visual experience. To further augment the holiday ambience, VGL introduced window garlands to complement the overall theme. These garlands were intricately crafted to align with the window displays, creating a beautiful, visual story that resonates with festive spirit.

In addition to the window displays, VGL engineered differently shaped plinths that served as elevated platforms for showcasing Accessorize's jewellery collection. These plinths are strategically positioned within the window space, enhancing product visibility and creating an alluring presentation that draws attention to the intricate details of the accessories.

VGL's expertise in large format print solutions, combined with a tailored approach to Accessorize's requirements, resulted in a successful transformation of the brand's Christmas window displays. Explore the imagery to see for yourself.

Bring your commercial shopfront to life with VGL and create the hook for pedestrian traffic to step inside your store. Speak to our expert team today. 

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