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Home | Case Studies | COOK Vending Machine Wraps.

COOK Vending Machine Wraps.

10 Nov 2023

What a change the fresh branding to these vending machines has done for the staff canteens and breakout spaces in head offices, gyms, hospitals and universities across the UK!

A Collaborative Approach

The company, Mother, is a leading supplier of smart vending machines.  As a one-stop service, offering the machine, software, products, maintenance, fulfilment and customer support, they are ideal for customers wanting a hands-off solution for snacks and drinks.

Award-winning, frozen meals and puddings supplier, COOK, collaborated with Mother to bring delicious meals to the staff at multiple offices across the UK. The team asked VGL to brand their vending machines with fresh imagery, giving spaces a completely new vibe. 

"We needed a partner who could not only deliver top quality production levels but also be agile, flexible and efficient. With VGL we didn’t just get that, we also got a brilliant team who were always willing to go the extra mile to make each job the absolute best it could be. I’d highly recommend VGL to anyone!”

- CMO, Mother.

A New Vibe

The visual change is brilliant, more colour and enticing food on show, and the queue to vending machines is proof of their success!