Hendrick’s Scented Graphics

To mark the launch of Hendrick's new flavoured gin VGL produced incredible graphics scented with rose and cucumber to line the tube station with.

Taking over a tunnel at King's Cross St Pancras Underground Station with their remarkable creative, Hendrick’s encouraged passengers to ‘step into the delectable’. Commuters were transported into the world of Hendrick’s, with tube station walls covered in illustrations of flying gin bottles, giraffes balancing gin and tonics on their noses and birds in suits... all finished with a sprinkling of rose petals and cucumber slices.

The walls were covered with rose and cucumber scented graphics - making passersby stop and take in the aroma. The scented graphics were each digitally printed and then screen printed onto the wall coverings, to infuse the aroma into the print.

This was the biggest underground campaign ever at its time – covering a massive 1000 sq/m over the tunnel, consisting of 700 sq/m of wall and a further 300 sq/m across the floor. The installation of the graphics was completed over a series of nights.

With over 60 standard scents in our library and a bespoke scent service it has never been easier to add aroma to your campaigns. If you’d like to receive some free scented samples or discuss your requirements with our team, get in touch today.

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