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Creative Studio

With VGL, you will have the support of a full creative studio throughout the entirety of your campaign. Our studio team will be there to ensure that the planning, design, and creation of your entire project is of the highest standard possible.

Many graphic programmes require detailed knowledge of set guidelines and image applications, this is an area we excel in. We offer the expertise required to handle any project, from proofing and detailed scanning to re-touching and project enhancements.

We actively encourage our clients to regularly visit the creative studio, and to think of our team as an extension of their own. Dedicating time to finalise the customer requirements means that the expectations and benefits of the campaign can be clarified and achieved.

Want to hear more about our creative studio? Get in touch to discover how our team can help your project make its desired impact.


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Prototyping and Consultancy

We enjoy trialling new materials and challenging our technology with demanding print specifications.

Outdoor Media showcase

Strategic Project Management

Our project management team will be on hand at all times to guide you through every stage of your campaign.

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We offer a comprehensive range of installation and fitting styles for all projects, no matter the size.

architectural graphics

Surface View

Surface View is our unique image and design service that inspires creativity, helping individuals introduce flair and personality to their interiors.