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Birmingham Maternity Graphics

Birmingham Women’s Hospital famously known for filming the popular One Born Every Minute has some of the most beautiful and relaxing scenes for a delivery suit.

Over recent years, delivery rooms have become more homely. The NHS understands that feeling relaxed in labour helps the pregnant mother and you should feel comfortable in the room where you are giving birth. Some maternity units may offer all the luxuries of home and many are now opting for large scale calming scenes. These scenes can also be coated with antimicrobial film, helping to stop the spread of germs as well as being easily washable. 

Creating the Right Environment

Transforming a space such as a hospital couldn't be easier with our in project management team, in-house designers and installers. Our installers understand that hospitals don't have downtime so our teams work around you, creating minimum fuss and minimal mess. Get in contact today to learn more about how we can transform your ward.