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With a multitude of different products, VGL are your solution in terms of large scale print. We are experts in manufacturing items for retail, transport, outdoor, for promotional situations and for in architecture. Below is an introduction to some of the techniques and products we deliver.

Interiors Retail
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Wall graphics in a Radley shop

Matrix frames

Our Matrix Frames offer a wealth of benefits. The easy system allows you to switch up your fabric just by clipping it into the frame.

Printed graphics on a white wall in a meeting room

Office Interior Graphics

Delivering the right finish for your newly refurbished offices is very important. We specialise in understanding what is required to achieve the level of finish that you require.

Bright and eye-catching graphics behind clothes displays

Custom Printed Fabrics

We can print custom fabrics whatever your specifications are. Available up to 3.1 m wide we’re sure we can provide a solution to suit your requirements.

Backlit Fabric Frames

Backlit Fabric Frames

We understand the importance of eye catching graphics. Using our fabric lightboxes you can ensure your graphics are never missed.

Changeable Fabric Signage

Changeable Fabric Signage

With our fabric frames you can change your signage as often as you like. The lightweight frame makes it easy to manoeuvre.

Graphics featuring a model in Monsoon behind tills

Fabric Lightboxes

Give your graphics maximum impact with our fabric lightboxes. Illuminated from behind, the lighting enriches the excellent print quality.

Printed graphics featuring models in a clothing shop

Fabrics For Visual Displays

Create a visual impact with our fabric fames. Great in retail spaces, office or exhibition areas you can choose between lighted or standard matrix frames, single or double sided print.

VGL worker creates printed graphics

Fabric Graphics

Fabric is a brilliant tool to make your graphics stand out. Using our innovative Matrix frames you can simply clip your fabric into your bespoke frame and change when necessary.

Seasonal Retail Graphics

Seasonal Retail Graphics

Make your seasonal graphics stand out with our Matrix Frames. Easy to handle, simply clip your fabric into the lightweight frame.

Soft Signage

Soft Signage

Our soft signage is printed to the highest quality. With 37 years’ experience in the industry, you can trust us with all your printing needs.

Custom Vinyl Graphics

Custom Vinyl Graphics

Self adhesive vinyl graphics for walls or floors, to wrap buildings or buses.