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Innovative Print

Unlock a World of Creative Possibilities.

In a world where there is fierce competition for brand presence, VGL empowers you to tell your stories in new, multi-sensory ways. We offer print consultation support, giving you the opportunity to explore innovative routes and create impressive, fantastic and novel graphics. With our inhouse Creative Studio, Project Managers and Print Experts, VGL brings a new approach to graphic printing. 

Unparalleled Creativity

Neon inks, tactile printing, eco-friendly graphics – leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Research & Development

Innovation and inspiration are what sets VGL apart in the large format print industry.

Design Exploration

Willing to take calculated risks to experiment with unconventional ideas in printing.

Technological Expertise

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible and driving advancement across the print industry.

Consultative Scoping

Creating ambitious, yet achievable, briefs that anticipate the needs of your customers.

Rigorous Execution

Adhere to a set of principles and practices that ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy.

Creativity and innovation are present in all we do at VGL. Explore some of the more impressive printing methods and inks we have below.

Related Services.

VGL offers a comprehensive suite of services, going beyond the role of a traditional print partners by providing end-to-end solutions that encompass prototyping and consultancy, strategic project management, creative studio and installation. Making VGL a true partner in achieving your business's success.

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