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The New Durst Rho 512R

At VGL we’re committed to continually investing in the latest print technology to ensure we offer you the highest quality and most advanced print solutions available on the market.

This month we’re proud to announce our newest addition to our printing plant - the Durst Rho 512R, located at our Reading factory. The latest development in UV printers, the 512R has a maximum roll width of 5 metres and with impressive printing speeds of up to 350 square metres per hour, plus with the capability to print 3 rolls at any one time, this machine allows us to work at full capacity, ensuring we deliver on time for all of your projects.

Using droplet sizes of 12 picoliters and with the ability to print light cyan and magenta, the Durst Rho 512R is finer than most machines on the market. This level of precision allows even the smallest detail to be captured in print. Printed onto a range of substrates from self-adhesive vinyls to roll to roll canvas, we use environmentally friendly inks allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint whilst choosing an economical print solution that suits any budget.

This addition to our printing capabilities is just part of our long term plan to continually invest in the most innovative new technologies. Representing an investment of over £500,000, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront in printed technology, so you can be assured we’ll always provide commercially valued print at a superior quality.