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Screen Print.

Screen print can't be beaten for its depth of colour, creativity and enduring appeal. Tessa Road is where VGL's historic factory sits, dedicated to the analogue beauty of screen print. At Tessa Road we do things others can’t.


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Timeless Technology.

VGL is a pioneer in printing technology. We launched the business with screen printing and continue to hold it close to our heart, developing innovative ways to combine it with more modern techniques and digital printing to produce incredible graphics.

Founded by Ted Ayerst, building on his experiences as a letter press compositor, bookbinder and screen printer, Tessa Road opened it's doors for the first time in 1976 and continues to produce the highest quality vehicle liveries, industrial labels, posters, retail graphics, and art prints.

We are in love with the smells, the feel, and the irreplaceable visual quality of screen.

At Tessa Road we live to print – and we’ll help you discover how expertly crafted screen print can transform your project.

Industry Leading.

This factory is flowing with knowledge, devotion, and some enormous screens for creating some of the biggest prints you've ever seen in your life.

Tapping into the knowledge of our printers allows for exploring spots and specials, fluorescents and metallics, ferrous inks, spot gloss and matt varnish. Printed onto paper, plastics, wood and more, then delivered to everywhere and anywhere.

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Outdoor Media showcase

Strategic Project Management

Our project management team will be on hand at all times to guide you through every stage of your campaign.

A roll of printing material

Prototyping and Consultancy

We enjoy trialling new materials and challenging our technology with demanding print specifications.

Retail Graphics VGL creative studio

Creative Studio

Our studio team will be there to ensure that the planning, design, and creation of your entire project is of the highest standard possible.

vgl install printed truck livery


We offer a comprehensive range of installation and fitting styles for all projects, no matter the size.