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3M Textured Wall Films

Transform brickwork, concrete, industrial stucco, tile and similar surfaces into show-stopping surfaces with our Textured Wall Films.

The film conforms perfectly to the texture of the wall, and looks just like a painted surface. Developed by 3M to provide excellent adhesion to moderately textured wall surfaces, it has a grey adhesive that covers any existing image or colour.


Supplied in ‘drops’ of up to 1220mm, 3M Textured Wall Film is applied with 5mm overlaps – so there is no limit to the size of your mural. The overlaps are barely visible, especially on a rough surface.


  • Satin
  • Lustre


Applying this film involves the use of high temperature heat sources, 3M’s textured surface applicator tools, and unique techniques. We have a highly experienced installation team equipped for this type of application.


  • 3M Scotchprint Match Component


We provide a 2-year interior warranty; the expected life is longer, but depends on the severity of the textured surface. The life expectancy for external display is between 6 months and 2 years; for this reason, it should be regarded as a temporary, promotional product when used outdoors.


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3M DI-NOC graphic installation


Developed in Japan where it is hugely popular, 3M DI-NOC is still relatively unknown in the UK.

Non-PVC Films

Non-PVC Films

3M Non-PVC Films are becoming incredibly popular due to the film being substantially less solvent than traditional manufacturing processes with a solvent-free base film.

Contra Vision®

Contra Vision®

Invented by Contra Vision®, these ‘one-way’ interior and exterior window graphics can be viewed from the outside but seen through from the inside.