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Products / Garth Hill College’s Inner Link
  • Garth Hill College’s Inner Link
    Schools and College's are often built with function in mind and either budget or imagination is running on short supply by the time it comes to decoration. These often stark surroundings can often be at odds with the inspiring environment that staff and teachers strive to create to inspire the sound minds that develop within them.

    Garth Hill's Principal; Keith Granger decided to address one such space within their college by asking staff and students to contemplate how they interact with the space and their ideas on how they can transform the 'Inner Link'.

    “I wanted the pieces to work individually and together, and to support our overall vision for the college,” explains Keith Grainger. "we discussed a huge number of creative ideas (with VGL), and chose the best ones to take forward, and eventually design, make and install.”

    The Inner Link at Garth College is an Indoor/Outdoor space that links the different departments of the college. The space was vast and disjointed and the brief was to try to pull the space together with graphics that would provoke thought and make maximum impact. Discussions between Garth Hill, VGL and material manufacturer 3M were conducted to discuss the possible solutions using imagery from our Surface View archive and eventually a plan was hatched to transform Garth Hill's inner link.

    Graphics reached up to the tops of structural pillars, and spread across paved floorings using a range of different specialist films and applications to achieve the vision the the client had for this space. VGL managed the project from initial site survey, design development, production and installation. The results were well received by Principal Keith Granger but also by the rest of the staff and of course the pupils.

    “I am delighted with the result, and its effects on our students. It’s really enriching the Garth Hill experience...”
  • Material
    3M Textured Wall Film, Self-adhesive Films
    Durst Rho 320R P10, Aristomat 1625 CAD/CAM Beds
    Strategic project management, Studio, Surface View, Installation

  • Garth Hill College’s Inner Link
  • Garth Hill College’s Inner Link
  • Garth Hill College’s Inner Link