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With sustainability at the forefront of conversations, we’re all thinking about how our choices impact on the environment and where we can make changes to limit the effect we have. At VGL we’re committed to providing you with the most environmentally friendly graphic solutions for your projects, without compromising on quality or durability.

It starts with the substrate
With the growing demand for eco-friendly materials, we now offer more environmentally friendly options than ever before. If you’re looking for vinyl for walls, vehicles and buildings, we’ve got conformable PVC free films which are not only more sustainable but also gives a better finish to your final projects.

Our recyclable materials range from standard card, wood, MDF, cork, wallpaper and Dufaylite to environmentally friendly alternatives for foamex and acrylic. We also offer fabric change frames so you can refresh your graphics as many times as you like and simply recycle the fabric and replace with a new one.

Vivid colours without the solvents
Our HP Latex 570 and Rhotex 320 printers use water based inks that are VOC free, which means no harmful odours or gasses are emitted into the environment. The HP Latex 570 produces smoother solids and brighter colours and with the built in spectrophotometer you’ll get consistent colours time and time again. The Rhotex 320 fabric printer uses a dye sublimation process to coat each fibre in the fabric with ink, the ink becomes integral to the fabric weave rather than sitting on the surface. Not only are fabrics more environmentally friendly to produce, but because of their lightweight nature, they are more efficient to transport which in turn reduces emissions and the carbon footprint of your project.

Our commitment to you
We’ve always been conscious of our impact on the environment. It’s what has spurred us on to improve our products, our technology and our systems. We’ve continually been reviewing our processes to find ways to make big and small changes that each work to minimise our effects on the environment.

Over the last few years we’ve made strides in updating all our digital equipment to use environmentally friendly ink systems and processes. We’re constantly expanding our pool of sustainable materials and actively sourcing new substrates to provide our customers with more options.

Across our three factories, we’ve put measures in place to carefully control our waste streams, avoiding unnecessary wastage and recycling as much material as possible. We’ve been awarded BS ISO 14001:2004 for our environmental management system and our inks are certified to the Nordic Swan Environmental Standard.

If you’d like to know more about our environmentally friendly graphic options, get in touch with us here to find out more about how we can help you.

We recently printed and installed five fully wrapped routemaster buses for Kraken Rum. The buses were transformed using a simple and highly effective creative. A twist on the iconic London red bus, the brand’s trademark tentacles are seen wrapping itself around the vehicle and appearing to crush the roof and windows. Using a mix of one way vision film on the windows and vehicle wrapping films on the front and sides, the fleet of branded buses were printed and installed within three days. Spot these buses making their way across London.

If you'd like to your vehicle livery requirements get in touch with us here.
To mark the launch of Hendrick's new Rose & Cucumber Gin we produced the latest in our scented graphics campaigns. Taking over a tunnel at King's Cross St Pancras Underground Station with their quirky creative, Hendrick’s encouraged passengers to ‘step into the delectable’. Immersing commuters into the world of Hendrick’s, the walls were covered with illustrations of flying gin bottles, giraffes balancing gin and tonics on their noses and birds in suits. All finished with a sprinkling of rose petals and cucumber slices.

Developing a bespoke scent specifically for the project, to match the smell of the gin, the walls were covered with rose and cucumber scented graphics. The scented graphics were each digitally printed and then screen printed to infuse the aroma into the print.

This campaign was the biggest underground campaign ever – covering a massive 1000 sq/m across the tunnel. The walls measured a huge 700 sq/m, with a further 300 sq/m across the floor, the installation of the graphics was completed over a series of nights.

With over 60 standard scents in our library and a bespoke scent service it’s never been easier to add aroma to your campaigns. If you’d like to receive some free scented samples or discuss your requirements with our team, get in touch here.
Promoting their latest campaign, Virgin took over a tunnel in London King’s Cross Station and covered it with an eye catching red creative. Measuring a massive 72m long by 4.6m, the job was the largest underground graphics ever completed with the total area covered coming in at huge 700 sq/m!
The last eight months have been an extremely exciting time for VGL. Walking away with four awards for our most recent projects.

Starting back in October, we were awarded ‘Out of Home Printer of the Year’ at the Print Week Awards. Submitting four of our latest and greatest large format jobs, including the very first scented campaign on the underground for the launch of Beefeater Pink Strawberry Gin.

The strawberry scented graphics campaign went on to win us the Digital Printers Award for Innovation and last month we won the ‘Posters’ category at FESPA 2019. We were astounded to also pick up the coveted ‘Best in Show’ award at FESPA, the last of a very successful awards season.

We’re delighted to have been recognised by so many bodies for our hard work and dedication to innovation. We’re always striving to push the boundaries of print and we’re thrilled to have had the opportunities to work on such fantastic projects.